The Smart Start Program includes a series of courses that are to be taken as a package for this program. They are as follows:

English (Academic or Applied) – As part of a focus on multiple literacies students will have the opportunity to engage in a computer coding and robotics workshop where they will learn block coding systems and applications as part of their Media Studies strand.

Science and Geography (Academic or Applied) – In Science and Geography students will be able to explore issues of sustainability through Gamification using Minecraft. This allows students to view a problem using two different lenses and propose solutions in an engaging way.

Math (Academic or Applied) – Here, students will have more opportunities to engage in collaborative applications of their math skills, thus, strengthening those skills and realizing the inherence of numeracy skills in their day to day lives.

French (Academic or Applied) – Using an Inquiry-Based Learning Model, students will pursue topics of interest to them while accessing a wide variety of resources in French.

Religion (Open) – Smart Start will allow students to work towards achieving all of the Catholic Graduate Expectations in a collaborative and tech-enabled environment. Students will have many opportunities to mobilize their faith values and pursue Social Justice issues of their choice.

Business Information Technology (BTT 1OZ) – The BTT course was also selected for the Smart Start program due to its potential to enrich a student’s educational experience in their first year of high school.  This popular course will provide an introduction to all aspects of Business Studies and will have a particular focus on financial literacy, entrepreneurial skills, and organizational systems and technology.  It will also feature participation in The Learning Partnership’s programs such as Dragon’s Nest, Save the Camp and more…

Design Thinking Certification Program (Future Design School) – This innovative, resume-building certification, teaches students to think and problem-solve in a new way.  During this twenty-two-hour certification program, students will take a new concept from ideation to production and presentation and learn invaluable skills along the way.

Access to future opportunities for Certifications in First Aid, CPR, and  WHMIS Training, Reach Ahead activities and more!

These certifications are resume- building for students and help them to make themselves more marketable right away.

Students in the Smart Start program will be able to explore the commonalities in their curriculums of study across content areas and make connections in their learning.  They will also utilize common literacy and numeracy skills which will focus on areas for improvement and deepening these skills across various disciplines and contexts.

*Academic and Applied sections subject to enrolment


Although the St. Elizabeth Smart Start program is intended for ALL students no matter what pathway they wish to pursue, there are many opportunities for our students to explore in their subsequent years at St. Elizabeth.

Grade 9 Smart Start


   Grade 10 I.C.E Bundle
(Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship & Elective Course Offering)


Grade 11/12 possible SHSM
(Specialist High Skills Major & Elective Course Offering)

Specialist High Skills Major in Arts & Culture OR Business.