Integrated Arts – Ecology Infographic

For our 3rd project, our Integrated Arts class collaborated with Science to create an infographic containing information about each students’ chosen species. An infographic, otherwise known as a data visualization artefact. In plain terms, an infographic allows complex data to be visualized through the use of icons and other colourful graphics. All of the infographics […]

Integrated Arts – Vector Portrait Projects

For the second project of the year, our intrepid Smart Starters in the Integrated Arts program delved into colour theory for digital workflow along with learning how to use Adobe Illustrator. Known as a tool for vector graphics creation, Illustrator enabled our students to use their portraits as a reference for their own vector avatars. […]

Integrated Arts – Mobile Photography Project

For our very first project of the year, the grade 9’s in Mr. Galang’s Integrated Arts explored the world of mobile photography and post-processing in Adobe Photoshop. With an emphasis on composition and colouring techniques, every student had an opportunity to captures images that focused on people, places and things.