Milk Bags Unlimited

Make a Difference.  Make it count.

On Tuesday, March 27th the St. Elizabeth Library Learning Commons welcomed Sharon Gusz, retired YCDSB Teacher-Librarian, from the Organization Milk Bags Unlimited.  Milk Bags Unlimited facilitates, collects and ships the production of mats woven from plastic milk bags that are shipped to many developing countries throughout the world and used as sleeping mats as well as mobile medical supplies in various parts of the world.

Sharon taught our St. Elizabeth students about the living conditions in different developing countries in the world and shared scientific, geographic and economic information with them.  Students learned about how this project is also a very GREEN initiative, in that it keeps hundreds of thousands of plastic milk bags out of landfills every year. There is no waste, as even the plastic offcuts from the bags are used to stuff pillows made from discarded and donated fabric.

Our second-semester Civics students learned about being active global citizens and learned how to weave the mats using wooden looms handmade by our own St. Elizabeth Technology students.  It was a rewarding experience for all involved. Students were happy to know that Milk Bags Unlimited has also been distributing mats here in the GTA to help those who do not have a home.  

We look forward to continuing a partnership with Milk Bags Unlimited and Children of Hope Uganda to help those in need.


Teresa Romeo
Department Head of Library Services

Sheri Burke
Department Head of Canadian and World Studies

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